The PDF below a Grade 6 Math...the video below is Half Finished, it is Grade 1 String Theory for children on how to count using waves, or String Fractions. Contact:  DIRECTLY BELOW IS THE CRACK FOR PGP....See BEST PRIME BEST 0 Day rtf

Best prime best 0 Day.rtf Best prime best 0 Day.rtf
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Prime Sequence Serries.xlsx Prime Sequence Serries.xlsx
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Prime Sequence Serries 1.xlsx Prime Sequence Serries 1.xlsx
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Prime Sequence Serries With Pet 3.xlsx Prime Sequence Serries With Pet 3.xlsx
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Prime Sequence Serries With Pet 3.pdf Prime Sequence Serries With Pet 3.pdf
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Prime Sequence Serries 4.xlsx Prime Sequence Serries 4.xlsx
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Here is the New Math where there are no Straight Lines in it...

You can Read the Book for Free On Line...better yet buy a copy of the will be a Collectors Edition...We Solved for Pi and We can Spot Prime Numbers with this New Math. 

The video directly adove describes Nominalization.

Below is the Jewelz Set, this is a Way of "Balancing" a Number to π.

Now π is "Nominalized" meaning it can be "Potential" or "Kinetic" Wave over Wave Frequency.  

Everything comes from and goes into π.

The Jewelz Set is the Proof of all Proof. 

Everything in the Universe can be Described with the Jewelz Set.

Below is the Book Fractal Binary, it is Grade 6 String Theory Where Numbers are Balanced to π Before Calculations.

Below is The Jewelz Set as a Field Harmonic

Jewelz Set as an Atom

Below is the Kids and Adult Book The Biggest Monster with the Littlest Heart

Below is the Grade 6 Math String Theory FRACTAL BINARY and the READ ME Are my Cover Letters for Psychology and Physics

Size : 16.967 Kb
Type : pdf

Below is Samurai Psychology a New Type of Psychology found below here, Click Review the Book is Free to Read Online....

READ ME Psych.pdf READ ME Psych.pdf
Size : 16.772 Kb
Type : pdf


Below is the Sequence For Prime Numbers

Below is the Thermodynamics of Alpha Omega Yin Yang in Panda Ninjutsu Percussion

Above was the New Solution for π and Thermodynamics of Yin and Yang ...Below are the NEW Rules for Chess, the Positions of the King and Queen are Reversed.  The King Now has the Queens Powers and the Queen has the Kings Powers.  In this New Chess it is when the Queen is Captured that the game is over.  The Power MUST Protect the Labor in Nature, NOT the Other Way Around, The King will Sacrifice Himself for the Queen in this new Set up.  Power PROTECTS Labor in all of NATURE.  This is how CHESS is SUPPOSE TO BE PLAYED!  NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND


Instead of Particles Atoms are Described as Charges of Alpha Omega.  The Rare Earth Elements are Filled With Perfect Pi, and there is Perfect Pi (WITHIN) Pi, the Greater the Number the more Pi's Exist inside of Pi.  Nothing Can React with them.  Now There are other Elements that have a Positive Charge and a Negative Charge, Alpha Omega, or Yin and Yang.  I am Taking a Breather as I am Exhausted, Please Forward this New Attempt at the New Periodic Table Of Elements, Remember it is Gummy LSD, NOT Solid Science Development (SSD). The first image below is a charge table where we can begin spotting prime numbers.  The 2nd image below is the Charge Periodic Table of Elements.  It is unfinished...will upload finished table Tue 3 Mar 2015

Below is The First Gummy LSD Attempt at the NEW PERIODIC TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS

Below is the One Plus Table


Gummy LSD on the Designs Created, an Atom Below?


What is Your Happy Place...This is My Happy Place and UR ALL Invited    6   :)   6   :)   6   :)

I will Teach Your Monkey Species How to

A.  Ignite the Earths Atmosphere

B.  How to Boil the Oceans  

C.  How to Break the Earth in Half using a Cooler Newer "TESLA" Earthquake Design  :)  

Hey Michio Kaku...I gave Up a Mother and Daughter I LOVED MORE THAN ANYTHING FOR THIS!  Isn't Science Great!   Yea Your ALL Fucking Smoked k?


Below is the New Ending For the Movie 2001...


Below is my first Animation and below that is

the meaning of life in 3 minutes...

6   :)   6    :)    6    :)


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